Career Services Information for Employers

Angela Beer, Student Services Manager
(e): (t): 614-247-7244

The Knowlton School connects students to professional job and internship opportunities through an annual Career Day event and weekly job and internship listings. Additionally, the Knowlton School Student Services office coordinates professional development workshops to assist students in preparing for their professional careers.

Annual Career Day

The Knowlton School's next annual Career Day will take place on Thursday, March 1, 2018. The format of this event is expo style. There is no fee for this event. Employers are provided with a table, and students are free to visit tables throughout the duration of the event. Employers may also opt to conduct interviews on site.

Share a Job or Internship Opportunity

To share a professional job or internship opportunity with current students or recent graduates, please contact Angela Beer. Positions are posted internally for students to view, and Knowlton School students receive a weekly email to remind them of current job and internship opportunities. The best employment announcements include the following information (PDF preferred):

Job title
Position location
Position type (career employment, part-time, internship)
Approximate dates of employment and/or preferred start date
Description of duties
Any necessary qualifications (specific skills or software experience)
Level of education required (undergraduate or graduate)
Application instructions including contact person and materials required
Application deadline

The Knowlton School does not provide architectural or landscape architectural professional services or consulting to private home or business owners, nor are students able to complete such work for course credit. We also will not accept positions or programs that charge a fee for participation or positions that are in-home only. The Knowlton School reserves the right to deny other positions on a case-by-case basis.

Unpaid internship postings may be accepted; we encourage you, however, to first review the items below with your HR department and legal counsel to determine whether or not your internship is in compliance with federal law. Posting of an unpaid position is not an indication that you are in legal compliance.

Fair Labor Standards Act
Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division's Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

The Ohio State University closely follows guidelines for professional conduct set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Please review the NACE Principles for Professional Practice.

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews provide employers with the opportunity to pre-select candidates through an application process and then interview on-site in Knowlton Hall.

Set up a schedule

Contact Angela Beer to determine interview dates, space availability and a time frame announcing the position(s) through scheduling interviews

Call for applications

Announce the position(s) by hosting a short session to highlight your firm's work and answer questions, share a video, or we can help you publicize the position via email to the appropriate student audiences

Review applications

Upon submission, student applications will be stored in a dropbox for your team to review

Select candidates for interviews

Employers reach out to selected students to schedule interviews during your visit

Conduct interviews on-site

Interview students on-site. Some employers also choose to host a dinner, mixer or a question and answer session the evening prior to interviews to meet students in a casual setting.

Employers who have recently participated in on-campus interviewing include Cannon Design, EDSA, SOM and Valley Crest. Contact Angela Beer to arrange an on-campus interview schedule.

Office Associateship Program

The Knowlton School partners with the design and building industries to attract and retain exceptional students through the Office Associateship Program. The program fosters collaborations between the school and the profession through a student sponsorship plan that provides outstanding graduate students with cash stipends and direct exposure to practitioners. By becoming a partner in the program, you and your firm can have a direct, positive impact on the Knowlton School and, in turn, on the design and planning professions.

Mentor Program

The Knowlton School Alumni Society also plays a role in preparing students for professional practice through its Mentor Program. The Mentor Program along with other alumni events like portfolio review sessions and mock interviews provide current students with access and exposure to professionals in the areas that they are studying. Contact Louisa Morris for details.