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Hazel Morrow-Jones, PhD

  • Professor, Associate Provost and Director of The Women's Place, City and Regional Planning Section

Hazel A. Morrow-Jones is the Associate Provost for Women’s Policy Initiatives, Director of The Women’s Place, and professor of city and regional Planning at the Knowlton School. Her research focuses on neighborhood diversity, change and development. At The Women’s Place since January, 2010, she has worked on policy initiatives for improving the climate for women in higher education, leadership development and opportunities for women, and valuing diversity in faculty promotion decisions.

At the Knowlton School, Morrow-Jones has conducted extensive research on home ownership, including who is moving, what drives decisions to move, what people are looking for when they sell a home and move farther out, what role schools play and whether people find better homes and neighborhoods. She argues that one must know the answers to those questions before developing public policies on issues ranging from downtown redevelopment to farmland preservation. The results of her research have appeared in academic journals and books. Jones has received research grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the National Science Foundation, the National Association of American Geographers and the Ohio Center for Real Estate Education and Research.