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Chris Strasbaugh

  • Digital Resource Archivist and Curator, All KSA Section
473 Knowlton Hall

Chris Strasbaugh is the Knowlton School's Digital Library Archivist and Curator. In this position, he manages the Digital Library’s processing of large-format scanning requests, video production and documenting of student work from the school's undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Chris is also in charge of the digitization and preservation efforts of the Knowlton School’s archives collection. This collection includes one of the only collections of student work of both architecture and landscape architecture in the nation going back to 1900. The other portion highlights the teaching and work of some of the most influential faculty members in the school's history.

Chris is very active nationally in the field of visual resources and imaging. He currently is the Vice President of Conference Programming for the Visual Resources Association and is active in a number of taskforces and committees involving online learning, development and education. He has also presented at numerous conferences on topics ranging from the semantic web, makerspaces, imaging technologies, GIS and more. He has served as the staff photographer of the Greek-American Excavations at Kenchreai through Harvard University the last two years. Chris has a BA in Photography (2004) from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and a MA in Art History from University of Cincinnati (2007).          


Presenter: “Difficult Digitization on a Dime: Crowd-sourcing Ideas to Harness Emerging Imaging Technology”, November 2017
HASTAC Annual Conference – 2017, Orlando, Florida

Invited Presenter: "Future-Proofing: Building Flexibility into Your Digitization Space", June 2017
Images: Digitization and Preservation of Special Collections in Libraries, Museums, and Archives, NISO Virtual Conference 

Presenter: “Hacking Technology to Document Difficult Spaces”, May 2017
2+3D Photography – Practice and Prophecies – 2017, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Presenter: “Why the semantic web matters for cultural heritage”, 2016
Cultural Heritage at Scale Symposium, Vanderbilt University, Nashville

Presenter: “Introduction to Makerspaces”, 2016
National Joint Conference of ARLIS/NA and VRA, Seattle

Presenter: “Interactive Geocaching the Outdoor Sculpture of Vanderbilt University”, 2015
National Conference of Visual Resources Association, Denver

Presenter: “Harnessing a Linked-Open World: Integrating Cross-Discipline Content to Support Digital Humanities”, 2015; National Conference of Visual Resources Association, Denver

Presenter: “Fork Ahead: Road Map of the Migration Adventure at Vanderbilt University”, 2014
Poster Presentation

National Conference of Art Libraries Society of North America, Washington D.C.

National Conference of Visual Resources Association, Milwaukee

Presenter: “Collaborations and the Building of DIMLI: A Case Study at Vanderbilt University”, 2014
National Conference of Visual Resources Association, Milwaukee


Visual Resources Foundation Professional Development to present and attend at 2+3D Photography – Practice and Prophecies – 2017, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


Raspberry Pi inspection camera (plans, notes, and workflows)

PVC rolling camera rig for digitizing large objects (plans, notes, and workflow)-PDF Download