Student(s): Clinton Calhoun
Instructor(s): Sarah Cowles
Course: LARCH 7950: Design Studio V
Term: Spring 2016

This project proposes a land management strategy for urban wildlands with an emphasis on urban hunting. White-tailed deer overpopulation is a problem throughout Ohio’s urban fabric and hunting programs need to be developed to address this issue. Urban wildlands, often deemed “vacant,” provide a distinct ecological benefit yet also lack a clear identity. By implementing management strategies that improve the hunting quality on these sites, their public perception can shift from one of waste to resource. The site of interest is a former drive-in movie theatre which closed in the early 1990s. A dramatic pattern of ruderal vegetation has emerged which makes the site visually stimulating as well as biologically rich. Through simple land and vegetation manipulations; clearing, coppicing, mowing, and tilling, this site can maintain its ecological resiliency and become a productive hunting landscape.