Student(s): Tianheng Zheng
Instructor(s): Katherine Bennett
Course: LARCH 6920: Design Studio II: Dynamic Systems
Term: Spring 2016

This project attempted to incorporate a variety of early form-finding exercises into the context of Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Garden, on OSU’s campus. It also attempted to make a combination with the (environment) fallen leaves with the visitors’ visiting habit.

The site is functional: parking lot, threshold of the building and arboretum. The final design speaks to both of those uses, by offering the pathway to the parking lot and the arboretum, the site also can provide a multiple view line of observing and multiple ways of recycle the fallen leaves. What is more, the retaining wall is made by rusted board, which can give visitors a different feeling in touch and feel.


The form of the design gets inspiration from the fallen leaves, which means the shape of the construction like the shape of the fallen leaves, and also, the visitors as the dynamic factors, when the visitors move, like the energy flows in the site. Can bring the dynamic things into the site. Moreover, the ground in the site is not totally flat, there are some slope over there, and visitors can sit or lay on the ground. The pathway is not only a transportation area, but also a stopping area. It provides an interesting way to observing the fallen leaves and the process of the soil making in different view level. I can satisfy the needs of a learning garden, as well as allows for multiple types of movement across the site.