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Mentor Program

The mission of the mentor program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas, friendship and expertise among Knowlton students and professionals in the disciplines of architecture, city and regional planning and landscape architecture. The program matches Knowlton students (mentees) with experienced professionals (mentors) for guidance and support, while offering mentors an opportunity to strengthen ties with future leaders.


Each mentor and mentee is asked to complete an application/registration form in order to participate in the program (see below). The information gathered from those forms will be used to pair mentors and mentees with similar interests.  

Mentors and mentees are expected to meet a total of at least five times during the school year (September-April). Those meetings will consist of the Knowlton School-hosted events at least two face-to-face meetings scheduled by the mentor and mentee.  Other opportunities, such as Knowlton's Career Day, will be announced via email for potential mentor-mentee meetings.

Engagement beyond the five required meetings will be established by the mentor and mentee. It is important that both parties have a clear understanding of the expectations of the other individual. Program coordinators will be available to assist groups in defining those expectations, if needed.

Every participant must be committed to the program in order to create the type of atmosphere necessary for success. Attendance and participation for a full year is appreciated. If a mentee fails to complete the required commitments (listed on the application form), that individual will be disqualified from further participation and any future programs.


Confidentiality is absolute, in all ways and forever. A breach in confidentiality will be treated as a resignation from the Mentor Program.


As a mentor, you will serve as the link between career goals and realities of the business world for a group of young professionals.  Mentors’ roles and responsibilities include:

  • Provide guidance based on past business experiences
  • Discuss how involvement of professional organizations has impacted your career
  • Share stories, including mistakes
  • Help your mentees learn more about your area of expertise and/or interests
  • Communicate on a regular basis, return calls and emails

Meetings can include: lessons learned from mentors’ careers, discussing career goals, case studies, social events, project tours, guest speakers, or anything else mutually agreed upon to further the relationship among the group.

Mentor Registration

Mentor registration for the 2016-17 school year is now closed. The deadline for application was September 6. We are seeking individuals from the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning. It is NOT required that mentors are Ohio State alumni. 


Students who participate in the Mentor Program will gain valuable insight to their prospective industry through one-on-one mentorship from a current professional.  If accepted into the program, mentees are expected to communicate in a timely fashion with their assigned mentor and treat each meeting as a professional opportunity. Mentees should have a clear idea of what they want to achieve through the mentor program, and they are encouraged to discuss those expectations with their mentor at the Mentor Program Kick-Off Mixer on September 26. During the first meeting, groups should set expectations for the coming year. If it becomes clear at that meeting that the expectations of the mentor and mentee do not align, please notify program coordinators and you will be re-assigned.

Suggestions for expectations include broad ideas such as: obtaining career advice, discussing specific areas or ideas within the discipline; or they could be detailed such as: attend lecture and reception together, firm/company/office visit.

Mentee Registration

Mentee registration for the 2016-17 school year is now closed. The deadline for application was September 6. All students are welcome to apply to participate in the program, but students in higher grade ranks and those who are members of Knowlton student groups (AIAS, SCASLA, CRPSA) will be paired with mentors first. The number of students accepted into the program is not guaranteed, and is dependent upon mentor registration.


Please contact Louisa Morris, with any questions.