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Master of Architecture Student Profiles

The Master of Architecture program consists of approximately 75 students who come to us from all around the world and from various backgrounds. Below, a sample of our students share their stories of how they came to join the Knowlton family.


Photo of Kristina Bertocchi

Kristina Bertocchi

Hometown:  Greenville, Pennsylvania
Degree(s):  B.S. in Architecture, The Ohio State University

"I believe that by coming back for my master’s degree I will become a more rounded architect/ person and be able to create better products for my client while not disregarding the social and economic impacts of my design work."

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John Fleming

Hometown:  Mount Vernon, Ohio
Degree(s):  B.A. in Architecture, Miami University

"Graduate studios benefit not only from expert instruction, but also from diverse and talented students learning from each other."

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Photo of Moones Mirbeygi

Moones Mirbeygi

Hometown:  Tehran, Iran
Degree(s):  B.S. in Economics, Allameh Tabataba'l University; M.A. in Architecture, Shahid Beheshti University

"For me the most valuable opportunity at Knowlton is the Baumer Lecture Series. The opportunity each week to be introduced to new thoughts, ideas and the finished and ongoing projects of some of the most distinguished people in the discipline is invaluable."

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Photo of Nisha Muralidhar

Nisha Muralidhar

Hometown:  Bangalore, India
Degree(s):  Bachelor of Architecture, R.V. College of Architecture

"The fact that the Knowlton School exists within a university was important to me. It serves well as a constant reminder of being part of a larger community, which is often forgotten as an architecture student."

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Photo of Samuel Tibbs

Samuel Tibbs

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Degree(s):  B.S. in Architecture, University of Cincinnati

"The value of Knowlton School for me was the opportunity to combine study with first-hand experience. There is a deep value in both in-class and out-of-classroom exploration that the Knowlton School has refined through its study abroad options."

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