MCRP Dual Degrees


City and regional planning is inherently an interdisciplinary undertaking.  As such, some students may wish to gain further depth in a specialty area by opting for either a graduate minor or a second master’s degree.  Having two well-chosen degrees allows students to focus their work and can make them more marketable upon graduation.  The dual degree option is a great opportunity for our students to earn two graduate degrees in less time than pursuing them separately, and potentially in just one additional semester. The time to completion depends on the flexibility of the degrees and the planning of courses. Students pursuing a dual will complete all core courses listed in the MCRP curriculum and can choose electives to fulfill requirements of both programs.

Below is a list of already established MCRP dual degree programs. However, it is possible for students to arrange their own unique dual degree program. Students should discuss the idea of a dual degree with their faculty advisers early in their graduate careers in order to determine whether a dual degree is in their best interests. In order to undertake a dual degree, students must be admitted to both programs. See the admissions page for details. Please note that when officially enrolled as a dual degree student, students pay the higher of the two tuition rates. Most graduate programs are of similar rates, with the exception of professional degrees such as the MBA or law degree. If you have any questions about the logistics of pursuing a dual degree, please contact the graduate programs coordinator.

Established Dual Degree Programs

African-American and African Studies and Planning (MA/MCRP)

Civil Engineering and Planning -- Joint Program in Urban Transportation (MS/MCRP)

Environment and Natural Resources and Planning (MENR/MCRP)

Environmental Science and Planning (MS/MCRP)

Geography and Planning (MA/MCRP)

Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLA/MCRP)

Law and Planning (MSL/MCRP)

Public Affairs and Planning (MPA/MCRP)

Social Work and Planning (MSW/MCRP)