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Master of Landscape Architecture Student Profiles

The Master of Landscape Architecture program consists of approximately 30 students who come to us from all around the world and from various backgrounds. Below, a sample of our students share their stories of how they came to join the Knowlton family.


Photo of Sarah Coleman

Sarah Coleman

Hometown:  Jacksonville, Florida
Degree(s): BFA in Printmaking & Art History, The Maryland Institute College of Art

"The diversity of interesting work of the faculty felt reflective of the breadth of the discipline. It was particularly significant to me that a large number of these faculty were women."

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Photo of Ben Kohls

Ben Kohls

Hometown:  Dayton, Ohio
Degree(s): B.A. in Urban Affairs, Wright State University

"I was amazed at how seamlessly landscape architecture blended creativity, design and problem solving, while addressing social and environmental issues in unique, imaginative ways."

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Photo of Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio
Degree(s): B.S. Environmental Earth Sciences and Sustainability, Miami University

"The standards are set high for Knowlton students but those demands are consistently met thanks to the support and guidance of Knowlton’s renowned faculty and support staff."

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Photo of Andy Polefrone

Andy Polefrone

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Degree(s): Fine Art, Cornell University

"The studio system at Knowlton really pushes you to be inventive, and to think critically about everything you’re learning in your other classes."

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Photo of Isabel Stonehouse

Isabel Stonehouse

Hometown:  Chula Vista, California
Degree(s): B.S. in Urban & Regional Studies, Cornell University

"The Baumer [Lecture Series] exposed me to di­fferent perspectives that have pushed me to question my own work. They have also given me the opportunity to learn more about architecture and city planning, and see how people’s backgrounds influence their research."

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