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Campus Change Students

Students who begin their Ohio State career on a regional campus (Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark or the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster) and who plan to pursue a major in architecture, landscape architecture or city and regional planning are often able to complete their degree in four years. Some students choose a five year plan instead.

While Knowlton School’s major courses are not offered on regional campuses, the first year of the curriculum is flexible. On a regional campus, a student can complete most or all of their math, science and general education (GE) requirements by working with their regional campus advisor prior to changing to the Columbus campus.

Due to the sequence of major courses, architecture or landscape architecture students who plan to complete their degree in four years need to enroll in the summer term following their first year or petition for an early campus change.

Campus Change Requirements

In general, the university allows students to change to the Columbus campus once the student has earned a minimum of 30 hours (earned after high school graduation) and has at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.*

Students who intend to major in architecture or landscape architecture or city and regional planning should plan to campus change to Columbus for summer semester which begins in May. In summer, a student can enroll in the specific prerequisite courses for Architecture or Landscape Architecture, Arch/Larch 2300 and 2310, and then apply to the major. Students who perform well in Arch/Larch 2300 and 2310 and who are subsequently admitted to the major will continue seamlessly with the major curriculum in autumn semester of their second year.

Students who intend to major in city and regional planning should plan to campus change for autumn semester of their second year.

*Approval of a campus change does not guarantee admission to the architecture or landscape architecture majors.

Petition for Early Campus Change

The Knowlton School provides Architecture and Landscape Architecture students an option to petition for an early campus change. For instance, if a student begins on the regional campus in autumn semester, the student may petition to change to Columbus for spring semester. A petition for an early campus change will be approved if the student meets the following criteria:

  1. Earn at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the student’s first semester on the regional campus (a 3.3 or above is recommended)
  2. Complete Math 1148 (College Algebra) with a C- or higher, or math placement of M or L

The 3.0 GPA requirement ensures that a student can be competitive for the Knowlton major of their choice, and the Math requirement confirms that a student will have the opportunity to finish all required Math courses in their first year.

A sample schedule for an early campus change student may look similar to this:

Year 1, Autumn Semester (regional campus)                                          

Survey, 1 credit hour (CH)                                                                  
Math 1148 (or other Math course based on placement), 4 CH  
English 1110.01 – Writing I GE, 3 CH                                                 
Social Science GE, 3 CH                                                                                   
Biological Science GE, 4 CH

Year 1, Spring Semester (Columbus campus)

Arch/Larch 2300, 3 CH
Arch/Larch 2310, 4 CH
Math 1118, 3 CH
Physics 1200, 5 CH (for Architecture majors), or take Physics 1200 in summer and choose another GE for spring; Physical Science GE course, 4 CH, or other GE course (for Landscape architecture majors)