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Future Freshmen

Entering freshmen who plan to pursue a major in architecture, city and regional planning or landscape architecture should apply directly to The Ohio State University. Please find all details about the application process at Ohio State Undergraduate Admissions. Students do not need to submit any additional materials to the Knowlton School. A portfolio is not required. Please note that all three Knowlton undergraduate programs require four years to complete regardless of the amount of credit earned during high school.

We highly recommend applying to Architecture, Landscape and City Scholars on your Ohio State application. We recommend this community-based program as a starting point for any entering Knowlton student.


New first-year students who specify Architecture, Landscape Architecture or City and Regional Planning on their application to Ohio State are admitted directly into the major.

Many new freshmen are uncertain about which of the Knowlton School's majors is the best fit. Students are encouraged to explore each major option in their first year before making a decision. The first year courses allow for flexibility and provide students an opportunity to try out various majors. The foundation courses for Architecture and Landscape Architecture are shared between the disciplines.  

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Students who begin their Ohio State career on a regional campus (Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark or the Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster) and who plan to pursue a major in architecture, landscape architecture or city and regional planning are able to complete their degree in four years by choosing to enroll for summer term between their first and second years. Some other students choose a five-year plan.

While Knowlton School’s major courses are not offered on regional campuses, the first year of the curriculum is flexible. On a regional campus, a student can complete most or all of their math and general education (GE) requirements by working with their regional campus advisor prior to changing to the Columbus campus.


High school students who complete Ohio State courses through the College Credit Plus (CCP) program are eligible for some Knowlton-based courses but cannot enter major-specific courses. Major-specifc courses require that a student be admitted to Ohio State and enroll post-high school graduation. In addition, access to computing, software and technology resources necessary to complete major-specific course requirements is limited to students who have been admitted to Ohio State (post-high school) and are enrolled as a Knowlton major student.