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Transfer Students


Transfer students who plan to pursue a major in architecture, city and regional planning or landscape architecture should apply directly to The Ohio State University. Visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for specific information about admissions criteria, application requirements and application deadlines.,

University Admissions will review coursework and GPA(s) from all previous post-secondary institutions attended. For the architecture and landscape architecture programs, a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher from all previous institutions is required to enter the pre-major program. (Students who do not meet the 2.5 GPA requirement will enter the university through University Exploration, but may still enroll in prerequisite courses and can still apply to one of Knowlton’s majors. Admission to the pre-major program is not a guarantee of future admission to the major. For the city and regional planning program, a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher from all previous institutions is required.

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Architecture or Landscape Architecture

Transfer students with an intended major of Architecture or Landscape Architecture enter as pre-majors. Students should expect a minimum of 3.5-4 years to complete an undergraduate degree in Architecture or Landscape Architecture, regardless of the number of credits earned at previous institutions.

Pre-major students will complete foundation coursework (ARCH/LARCH 2300 and ARCH/LARCH 2310) and then will submit an application to the major. The most competitive candidates typically earn a B+ or higher in each of the foundation couses and achieve a 3.3 or higher cumulative GPA at Ohio State. Additionally, students applying to the architecture major must demonstrate progress in Math and Physics requirements. Ideally, Math and Physics coursework will be complete prior to entering the major sequence. After completing foundation coursework, applications for the major are reviewed at the close of each spring semester and summer term. Students admitted to the major through one of these review periods begin the core sequence of major curriculum as a cohort in autumn semester. From the time of entry to the major sequence, either degree requires three years to complete.

Unlike the sequenced major curriculum, the foundation courses (ARCH/LARCH 2300 and ARCH/LARCH 2310) are offered every semester including summer. Admission to either major program is competitive. Architecture offers approximately 80 seats in its cohort each autumn and landscape architecture offers approximately 30 seats in its cohort each autumn. Remember, foundation courses need to be complete prior to applying to the cohort. Because of this, for many transfer students an entry date of spring semester or summer term is most efficient.

Admitted transfer students who were previously enrolled in an undergraduate architecture or landscape architecture major at a peer institution may petition to be considered for advanced placement into the major sequence. Petitions require submission of a personal statement, course syllabi, transcript, and portfolio. Please review our transfer petition for advanced placement guidelines.

City and Regional Planning

Transfer students with an intended major of City and Regional Planning will enter the major directly. Depending on progress in Math, Statistics and Economics, expect approximately three years to complete this accredited degree.


Please do NOT send official transcript to the Knowlton School. All official transcripts for the purposes of admission to Ohio State should be sent directly to Undergraduate Admissions according to the step-by-step directions listed online.

Transfer credit is not pre-evaluated prior to enrollment. If you are planning to transfer core coursework toward the major, it will need to be evaluated for equivalency to Ohio State courses and for consistency with our program’s curriculum. Please retain syllabi from your previous institution(s). Technical credit from two-year institutions will typically count toward general electives hours only. All Ohio institutions and many other schools utilize

Students requesting an evaluation of international transfer credit (credit from an institution outside of the United States of America) must submit certified translations of their materials to receive an evaluation. Certified translations must be hard copies with official stamps/seals on each page of the documents. Detailed syllabi including name and author of text, contact information of instructor and institution, and a list of course topics is required. Non-certified documents will not be accepted.

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If you have already completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline with a GPA of 3.0 or above, please consider one of our graduate programs.