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Aug 9

Mikyoung Kim, an award winning international landscape architect and founding principal of Mikyoung Kim Design (MYKD), is the Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Knowlton School during the Autumn 2018 semester. She is known for culturally significant designs that serve as a powerful tool to celebrate the beauty of the collective human experience. Kim’s innovative design approach emphasizes an interdisciplinary research and design process in projects that range from regional scale urban waterfronts to sculptural installations.

Aug 8

In finding insight and inspiration for the design of a building, students in Knowlton Hall simply need to survey their surroundings. In a summer 2018 article, ArchDaily listed Knowlton Hall as one of 15 “significant and recent architecture school buildings that inspire and challenge the next generations of designers.” Of the six U.S. schools listed, including Yale Art + Architecture Building, Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Princeton School of Architecture (2012 addition), Knowlton Hall at Ohio State was one of two public state universities recognized, sharing the distinction with Clemson University College of Architecture. International schools include School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), UC Architecture School Building (Chile) and Strasbourg School of Architecture (France).

Aug 3

As a freshman engineering major, Heather Roberge enrolled in Professor Jacqueline Gargus’s Architecture Survey course and Arch 202 Introduction to Design. Engaged by the material, she applied to the architecture program. Roberge received both her Bachelor of Science (’93) and Master of Architecture degrees (’95) at The Ohio State University, where she received the AIA Certificate of Excellence and graduated summa cum laude. Roberge is now a nationally-recognized designer, architect and educator based in Los Angeles. In 1999, she co-founded the design practice Gnuform and, in 2008, founded the award-winning practice Murmur. She is currently the Chair of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA, one of the top-ranked graduate architecture programs in the country.

Jul 11

The Knowlton School is saddened to report the passing of George Van Niel, AIA. George passed away at the age of 83 on June 27, 2018 at the Veteran Administration's Dayton Hospice.

Jun 27

Above the Columbus 5th Avenue Corridor, Digital Resource Archivist and Curator Chris Strasbaugh took to the skies in the Knowlton School’s first drone-based research and analysis project. Stitching together the drone’s 3500 hundred aerial photos, students in CRP 4110 Transportation and Land Use created an 86 ft. by 3 ft. high-resolution map of the corridor’s infrastructure. Enabled by aerial-perspective data collection, such as high-detail imagery and sensor-specific mapping, research and design efforts across the Knowlton School’s three disciplines are just beginning to harness new flight-bound technology.