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Mar 26

City and regional planning student Roaya Higazi has an active profile on campus. She will be even busier next year as the recently elected president of Ohio State's Undergraduate Student Government.

Mar 20

Knowlton School graduates Terry Sullivan, Joe Tanney, and Ken Wiseman have been named College of Fellows by the American Institute of Architects.

Mar 19

City and Regional Planning Professor of Practice Kyle Ezell has been inducted into the American Institute of Certified Planners College of Fellows.

Feb 5

Associate Professor Kristi Cheramie has been named head of the Landscape Architecture section in the Knowlton School. Cheramie’s has received widespread recognition for her research and teaching. Her work, largely based in fieldwork, tracks patterns of adaptability and transformation in the landscape, with a particular focus on efforts aimed at mitigating or eliminating change. 

Feb 4

Disposable plastic never really goes away. An estimated 32% of plastic packaging escapes all waste collection systems. Released into the wild, non-biodegradable plastic objects disrupt urban infrastructure and natural ecosystems. What if this waste—rich in material potential—found new work instead?