City and Regional Planning Thematic Clusters

City and Regional Planning Thematic Clusters

Nine hours may be taken outside the section from related areas. A completed minor in any of the following areas can also be applied toward CRP Electives: Architectural Studies, Aviation Studies, Business, Design Thinking, Economics, EEDS, GIS, Geography, Global Public Health, Inequality and Society, Landscape Architectural Studies, Leadership Studies, Nonprofit Management, Public Policy, Real Estate, or Society and Environmental Issues.

Housing, Community, and Economic Development

Course Number Course Name
CRPLAN 3400 Planning for Sustainable Economic Development  
CRPLAN 3500 The Socially Just City  
CRPLAN 3510 Crime, Safety, and the Urban Environment  
CRPLAN 3610 Sex and the City 
CRPLAN 5200 Metropolitan and Regional Planning  
CRPLAN 5400 Planning for Housing 
CRPLAN 5461 Latino Urbanism and the Reinvention of the American City 
CRPLAN 5250 Regional Economic Development
CRPLAN 5900 Food System Planning and the Economy

Environmental Planning, Resiliency, and Sustainability

Course Number Course Name
CRPLAN 2210 Sustainable Urbanism
CRPLAN 3210 Sustainable Urban Planning and Policy
CRPLAN 3620 The Underground City
CRPLAN 4194 Urban Ecology
CRPLAN 5160 Green Building Methods for Planning

Transportation, Mobility, and Infrastructure Planning

Course Number Course Name
CRPLAN 4110 Transportation and Land Use Planning
CRPLAN 5300 Airport Planning, Design and Development
CRPLAN 5320 Transportation Data Analytics for Planners
CRPLAN 5700 Urban Transportation Demand Forecasting

Techniques in Planning

Course Number Course Name
CRPLAN 3310 Participation, Inclusion and Dispute Resolution in Planning
CRPLAN 4780 Undergraduate Research Methods
CRPLAN 5001 Introduction to GIS
CRPLAN 5170 Planning & Zoning in Local Government
CRPLAN 5600 Advanced Urban Planning Survey Collection, Management, and Analysis

International Development

Course Number Course Name
CRPLAN 4798 Planning Study Abroad
CRPLAN 4597 The Global Environment in Planning
CRPLAN 5997 Planning in the Developing World