Combined BS/MCRP Program

Jacquelyn Monnin, Graduate Programs Coordinator
(e): (t): 614-292-1404

The Combined BS/MCRP program allows well-qualified students to begin their graduate coursework before completing their undergraduate degree. This gives students the potential to graduate with both degrees in less time than it would take if pursuing the degrees separately.

Students in the Combined BS/MCRP program are required to meet all requirements of the Bachelor of Science in City and Regional Planning (BSCRP) and the Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) programs. The program allows 12 credit hours of coursework taken during the senior year to count towards both the BSCRP and the MCRP programs. In order for the 12 credit hours to be eligible for graduate credit, the courses must be graduate level credit. A student who enters the Combined BS/MCRP program should consult with both their undergraduate advisor and the Graduate Programs Coordinator.


In order to be eligible for the combined program, students must meet all requirements imposed by the Graduate School. Generally, you are eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  • Current registration at OSU in the BS City and Regional Planning Program
  • Rank of senior/ 4 (you will have completed at least 90 undergraduate semester credit hours towards the bachelor’s degree prior to starting graduate study)
  • A minimum of 3.5 cumulative point hour ratio in all previous undergraduate work


Application Deadlines  |  Autumn: June 1
     Spring: November 1
     Summer: April 1

In order to be admitted to the combined program, students must:

  • be admitted to the CRP Master’s program. Students must apply to the graduate program following the normal graduate admissions process found on the MCRP Admissions page. An important item to note is that students MUST designate on their graduate school application that they are applying for the BS/MCRP program. If admitted to the graduate program, students then become eligible to enroll in the combined program.

Once admitted to the graduate program, students must:

  • complete the Combined Degree Program Form which can be found on the College of Engineering website. These form will be used to keep track of progress through the program. To complete the form, students should meet with their undergraduate advisor as well as the Graduate Programs Coordinator to determine which courses will be taken toward either degree.


  • When students apply to the combined program, they receive no preferential treatment for admission to the graduate program.
  • Courses may only count towards the graduate degree if enrolled in the combined program when taking the courses. If students take graduate courses before being admitted to the combined program, those courses cannot count towards their graduate degree requirements. If a student is considering application to the combined program, they must plan ahead.
  • Please note that once students are enrolled in the combined program, they are considered a graduate student and will be charged graduate tuition and fees, which are higher than undergraduate tuition and fees. Tuition and fee rates can be found on the Registrar’s website.
  • Students in the combined program will have two GPAs—one for undergraduate and one for graduate. Students will be subject to the academic standards for both levels.