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Allan Wexler

Sponsored by the Melton Center
April 6, 2011 - 1:30pm
During the 1970’s, Allan Wexler was part of a group of artists and architects who questioned the perceived divide between the fine arts and the applied arts. For 30 years, his work has resulted in objects, buildings and environments that blur the borderlines between sculpture and architecture. Function, desire and invention are the subjects of his artistic inquiry.

As metaphors for human interaction, much of Wexler’s work evolves from ritual and ceremony. Influenced by architecture and by methods of scientific research, his work dissects our daily domestic needs and actions. Eating, sleeping, bathing and socializing become artful investigations. Wexler’s drawings, sculptures, designs, images and installations, unwrap the obscured meanings of objects and transform our ordinary daily activities into theater.

Allan Wexler’s work has been the subject of more than 35 solo exhibitions, 100 group exhibitions, 150 magazine articles, and he has completed more than 30 commissions, including those for the Mattress Factory (Pittsburg, PA), Henry Luce Nature Observatory in Central Park (NYC), the High Museum (Atlanta, GE), and the Aldrich Museum (Hartford, CT). This lecture was sponsored by the Melton Center.