Data Visualization Challenge: Weekend Design Competition

Knowlton Hall, 4th Floor Computer Labs
November 9, 2012 - 11:00am to November 13, 2012 - 12:30pm


All KSA students are invited to participate in the 3rd KSA Design Competition - a weekend-long Data Visualization Challenge. This semester's design challenge will be held in partnership with Seed Media Group's 2012 Visualizing Global Marathon. Students may compete amongst class-mates in the KSA Data Visualization Challenge for over $1,000 in prizes, as well as compete on-line in the Visualizing Global Marathon amongst students from all over the world for over $10,000 in prizes.

The two competitions will share the same program, but will provide two separate ways to compete.  Both will build on data visualization skills practiced by all three KSA sections.

Throughout the weekend, the Data Visualization Challenge will provide refreshments in a student re-charge lounge hosted by CRPSA, on-line information graphic workshops, a global student work showcase, as well as collaborative opportunities throughout the weekend in Knowlton Hall. Students can compete in teams of up to four, and students from City and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture and Architecture are encourage to work collaboratively.


Register for virtual participation in the Visualizing Global Marathon at to gain access to the Data Visualization Program brief, data visualization tutorials, and compete globally for prizes. Make sure to register for Virtual Participation.


Friday, Nov 9, 11:00am:  Registered participants will receive an email with the challenge details and an invitation to watch the webcast keynote by Richard Saul Wurman.

Friday, Nov 9, 5:30pm:   Join fellow KSA classmates for a competition kick-off party in the 4th floor computer classroom to begin the weekend fun!

Saturday, Nov 10, 10:00am:  Start the day off right with free coffee and donuts in the CRPSA student re-charge lounge.

Join in other weekend activities like the Data Viz 101 and 201 Workshops, designer Q&A's and more!


Sunday, 6:00pm:  Upload your work to to compete in the Visualizing Global Marathon competition against students from across the globe for over $10,000 in prizes.

STEP FOUR: PIN UP! | Tuesday, NOV 13

Tuesday, 9 - 11:00am:   Submit an electronic copy (pdf) of your work to the KSA Competition Submissions folder on the homework drive (include at least one team member's name dot number in the file name) and then pin up printed copies of your work (36" x 24" board oriented landscape) in the carpeted review space to compete in the KSA Data Visualizations Challenge with other KSA students for $1,000 in prizes. Students are not required to compete in the Visualizing Global Marathon competition in order to compete in the KSA Data Visualization Challenge.

Tuesday, 12:30pm:  Winners announced on the Big Stairs!


Why do I need to pre-register for this design charrette?  The competition program will be provided by, who is coordinating the design competition. In order to gain access to the program brief, students need to pre-register for virtual participation at

It appears that the registration is sold out - is that correct?  No! Are you sure you didn't try to register for the 'Meet Up' rather than 'Virtual Participation'? The Columbus, Ohio 'Meet Up' has been filled by your fellow students, but by registering for 'Virtual Participation' and as a KSA student you'll still have access to every part of these great events - the kick-off party, the re-charge lounge, the computer labs - everything!

Wait, there are TWO competitions? Yes, there is a global competition due on Sunday, November 11th of which there are 10,000 dollars in prizes.  KSA students will compete with all of the other students who have uploaded to the Global Marathon. There is also an in-house competition for just KSA students on Tuesday, November 13th. Bring your work to the carpeted jury space and pin up to register for 1,000 dollars in prizes.

When is the competition program released? Access to the program brief will be given to all pre-registered students on the website on November 9th at 11:00am. Registered students will receive an email with updates from

I'm going to work with a team, do all of us need to register? It would be smart for everyone on your team to have access to the program, so we strongly encourage all students to register for the competition at 

Can non-KSA students participate in the challenge? The Visualizing Global Marathon is open to any student at any university. However, only Ohio State students can compete in the KSA Competition and only KSA students will have access to the KSA computer labs.

I hear there is a prize for the school with the most registrants? Yes! Visualizing will be giving the school with the most students registered a special cash prize. OSU has a great chance of winning so everyone should register!

If – I mean, when – we win the participation prize, what will we do with the money? Something awesome! Throw a dance party? Donate to our favorite charity? No matter what, everyone who participates in the competition will get to decide.

Do I have to upload to the visualizing marathon to participate in the KSA challenge? No, but you should! You could win part of the $10,000 pool.

After I upload my work on Sunday, can I continue working on my visualization for the in-house competition? It is expected that students will finish working on the Data Visualization Challenge by Sunday, November 11th. You have other classes to work on, after all!

The last few design charrettes seemed more accessible to one section rather than all sections. How is this one different? All students focus on the visual display of information as part of their research and design work, so all students from all sections should have a good chance to produce interesting work in this challenge.