Eisenman / Kipnis: The Venice Biennale

Big Stairs / Knowlton Hall
November 13, 2012 - 5:30pm


This event will feature a conversation between Peter Eisenman and Jeffrey Kipnis regarding the Venice Biennale and Field of Dreams, the KSA's entry into this year's bi-annual exhibition featuring internationally-acclaimed architects and designers. The KSA team included Jeffrey Kipnis, Jose Oubrerie, Stephen Turk, and KSA graduate students. The team developed a model of Rome with interventions by Gregg Lynn, Stan Allen, Andrew Zago, Peter Eisenman and Jose Oubrerie. 

Following the conversation, attendees are invited to take part in a reception and the opening of the Field of Dreams exhibit at the Banvard Gallery. The exhibit tracks the planning and development of the project. From the Banvard Gallery website:

'Rather than attempting to reduplicate the installation as it appeared in Venice we have resisted the totalizing impulse to recapture the project in what we believe to be a critically different context. Instead, we have chosen to present fragments, sketches, outtakes, false leads and dead ends from the work as well as production elements, duplicate parts and other photographic and drawing ‘evidence’ of the actual installation within the context of the larger Piranesi Variations show. Indeed this collection includes some fragments from the other projects in that exhibit; fragments which have now been absorbed within the dreamlike character of the Knowlton School of Architecture’s design.'

For more information about the Banard Gallery show, see the Field of Dreams exhibit page.


Download the PERSPECTIVES: Eisenman / Kipnis: Venice Biennale poster.

Note that this event was originally scheduled to include Pier Vittorio Aureli, who had to cancel his participation.