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Peter Eisenman

Gui Auditorium / Knowlton Hall
November 13, 2009 - 5:00pm

For both his buildings and his writings the contributions of Peter Eisenman to the development of architecture in the last 40 years is remarkable, in fact it could be argued that the current state of advanced architectural production could not be imagined without his efforts. As an architect his buildings have been (from his early houses to more recent work) architectural events for the effects they produce as individual experience and in the profession as a whole. As a committed educator Eisenman s also extends to his work as a teacher (in numerous schools, most notably at Princeton, Cooper Union and Yale), as a mentor (many architects who have worked in his office have gone on to be important practitioners in their own rights), finally as an organizer he has established venue after venue for the development of architecture, including the founding of : The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (with its in-house publications of Oppositions and Skyline), the ANY series of conferences (and its publication series in book and magazine formats) and currently the LOG journals. In all aspects his work can be seen as a nothing less than a sustained meditation on the very possibility of an architecture of form. Today s discussion will examine the work of Eisenman in all of these facets, as an architect of buildings, of texts, and of contexts, with particular attention to the relation of his extended production to the development of a series of interpretive/ generative models (these include: form, syntactic structure, textuality, weak form, the diagram, code and criticality).