Fabricated Landscapes Lab


Aug 24, 2021–Dec 3, 2021


Knowlton Hall, Banvard Gallery
United States

The fabricated landscape is one that appears alien, a contradiction to its surroundings, yet somehow fits seamlessly in its environment. In this lab setting, we focus on the materiality of fabric as a tool to conceptualize landscapes, familiar and new, through a process of experimentation and play.

The work displayed in this exhibit is a collection of fictional landscape narratives in the form of models and drawings crafted by students of the Fabricated Landscapes Seminar and its instructor Assistant Professor of Practice Tameka Sims. This course was developed to teach lessons on topographic form, contour grading, ecological process, and design. All models feature natural and synthetic fabrics sewn by hand through a slow iterative process that put into practice learned fabric manipulation techniques. For the duration of this exhibit, we invite visitors to participate in this lab experience. So, grab some fabric, needle, and thread, take a seat and explore a fabricated landscape.

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