Baumer Series, Yuts

Yuts, Geography of Robots, joins the Baumer Series.


Sep 21, 2022



Knowlton Hall, Gui Auditorium
275 West Woodruff Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
United States

Yuts is the founding member of the videogame collaborative Geography of Robots. Before entering the world of games, he was a geographic information systems developer with an interest in how petrochemical infrastructure impacts the urban environments of South Louisiana.

Yuts will discuss the development of the environment of their recently released game, NORCO. Set in a near-future (and near-apocalyptic) Louisiana, NORCO is an exploration of the people and landscapes of the Mississippi Delta under petrochemical extraction and climate decay. Yuts, who grew up in the town of Norco, will talk about the writing and design process of creating the world of NORCO, and the ideas behind the game’s immersive world. The game won last year’s inaugural Tribeca Film Festival award for game design, and the New Yorker has called the work “a striking contribution to American landscape art.”