MODELs: Unravelling Studio Secrets

The first exhibition in a year-long program on student models and model making at the Knowlton School


Sep 2, 2022–Feb 17, 2023


Knowlton Hall, Banvard Gallery
United States

For the 2022–23 year, the Banvard Gallery will focus on models and model making and will feature work from students across Knowlton’s three sections. MODELs: Unravelling Studio Secrets, is a curated collection of models created during the Architecture Section's spring 2022 Gui Competition and Pella Prize studios.

The exhibition will be used as a platform for conversations around models that investigates the impact that COVID has had on pedagogy and knowledge transmission. During the autumn term, a series of student- and faculty-led workshops will discuss techniques in model making and craft, working with multiple mediums, digital and analog production, thinking through models, and more.

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MODELs: Student-Led Workshop

As part of the MODELs: Unravelling Studio Secrets exhibition in the Banvard Gallery, join G3 architecture students as they share their model-making processes and techniques.