Fabricated Landscapes Lab

Fabricated Landscapes Lab

noun, to invent or concoct (something) typically with deceitful intent.

Construct or manufacture (something) especially an industrial product from prepared components.

Synonyms: dream up, formulate, contrive, construct, invent, assemble, conduct, compose, join, form, mix, devise, make, produce, brainstorm, erect, shape, fashion, build, frame, organize, create, structure, cook up, makeup, put together, piece together, prefab

The fabricated landscape is one that appears alien, a contradiction to its surroundings, yet somehow fits seamlessly in its environment. In this lab setting, we focus on the materiality of fabric as a tool to conceptualize landscapes, familiar and new, through a process of experimentation and play. Fabrics and textiles like felt, canvas, muslin, and tulle are characteristically unique, categorized by their construction, texture, color, and movement. How one chooses to manipulate each selected fabric results in an assortment of unique patterns, arrangements, and forms.

Those who work with fabrics, be it textile artists or designers, seamstresses, and tailors of prestigious fashion houses, create products that are not only functional but reflective of the time, occasion, culture, and place. No matter each individual’s preferred craft, most take direct inspiration from the land and its sceneries. They interpret and build narratives for each composition, assigning meaning to every pleat, fold, cut, and seam. As landscape designers, we translate these same acts of manipulation as processes such as soil deposition, geologic shifts, or hydrological flows. Together these interpretations and translations can be used as a pedagogical practice to visualize the interplay of contradictory elements, materials, and forms free from constraints of the existing world. In this practice, we work as imaginaries of landscapes yet to be realized.

The work displayed in this exhibit is a collection of fictional landscape narratives in the form of models and drawings crafted by students of the Fabricated Landscapes Seminar and its instructor Assistant Professor of Practice Tameka Sims. This course was developed to teach lessons on topographic form, contour grading, ecological process, and design. All models feature natural and synthetic fabrics sewn by hand through a slow iterative process that put into practice learned fabric manipulation techniques. For the duration of this exhibit, we invite visitors to participate in this lab experience. So, grab some fabric, needle, and thread, take a seat and explore a fabricated landscape.

About the Team

Tameka Sims,
Assistant Professor of Practice
Landscape Architecture

Spring 2021 Seminar
Undergraduate Students

  • Isabella Bertolini
  • Julia Cheung
  • Trecia Cintron
  • Eli Evans
  • Kristiana Gresham
  • Sam Lin (’21)
  • Derek Neang
  • Zack Osterday
  • Mann Patel
  • Andrea Wolford 
  • Nate Young (’21)
  • Grads
  • Robert Keast (’21)
  • Kerry Leung (’21)
  • Sarah Sanders (’21)
  • Haobo Sun (’21)
  • Yiran Yang (’21)

Spring 2020 Seminar 
Undergraduate Students 

  • Caroline Duque (’21) (Student Research Assistant, Spring 2021)
  • Hope Liptak (’21)
  • Ellie Frey (’21)
  • Marley Renner (’21)
  • Nate Becks (’20)

Graduate Students

  • Michaila Adrian (’20)
  • Colin Hall (’20)
  • Jared Brocklehurst (’21)
  • Andrew Love (’20)

Spring 2019 Seminar 
Undergraduate Students

  • Melissa Block (’20)
  • Jessica Muha (’19)
  • Erin Rudemiller (’19)

Graduate Students

  • Rosalie Starenko (’20)