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Staff Directory

Namesort descending Title Office Phone Email (
Philip Arnold Media Production Coordinator 477 614-247-4539 arnold.781
Jessica Baer-Graves Honors and Scholars Coordinator 100F 614-292-8804 baer-graves.1
Michael Baumberger Shop/Digital Fabrication Coordinator 050 614-688-8293 baumberger.10
KC Becker Coordinator - Building Services 204 614-688-2969 becker.236
Angela Beer Career Services & Undergraduate Recruitment 100D 614-247-7244 beer.38
Jon Bullock Graduate Programs Coordinator 100A 614-688-1795 bullock.151
Judith Dunham-Borst Sections Program Coordinator 200K 614-292-8133 dunham-borst.1
Tina Franks Librarian 400A 614-292-2370 franks.157
Lance Grimes Human Resources Generalist 200 614-688-1011 grimes.160
Diane Loeser Director of Development 200C 614-292-0590 loeser.12
Christine Meadows Senior Undergraduate Academic Advisor 100E 614-292-3182 meadows.241
Jaimie Mollison Business Manager 200H 614-247-1570 mollison.4
Louisa Morris Coordinator - Alumni Relations and Events 203 614-247-5409 morris.1597
Ben Reder Communications and Marketing Coordinator 478 614-614-247-7300 reder.18
Doug Sershen Program Manager - Communications, Outreach and Administration 200G 614-292-9811 sershen.2
Carla Sharon Administrative Associate 201 614-292-5071 sharon.3
Clint Tomlinson Library Circulation Supervisor 400B 614-514-8888 tomlinson.42
Ryland Wharton Senior Graphic Designer 479 wharton.94