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Admission to Ohio State

Prospective freshmen who plan to pursue a major in architecture, city and regional planning, or landscape architecture apply directly to Ohio State via Undergraduate Admissions. No additional or supplementary materials are required to be admitted to a Knowlton major.

Dates and Deadlines

Early Action Deadline: NOVEMBER 1
Final Application Deadline: FEBRUARY 1

Applicants are encouraged to complete their application and submit required materials by Ohio State’s November early action deadline.

Prospective students that meet the early action deadline receive early notification of their admission decision and are given first consideration for university merit scholarships.

For additional information, see Undergraduate Admissions.

First Year Exploration

Knowlton's three sections are closely aligned, and questions of practice, method, and impact overlap in productive ways. Architecture and Landscape Architecture share foundation courses and all freshmen are encouraged to explore and participate in the other disciplines. It is common for freshmen to discover during this exploration that a different Knowlton's major is a better fit.

Both Architecture and Landscape Architecture first-year students need to take KNOW 2300 and KNOW 2310 during their first year.  If students earn below a B grade in either course, they will be reviewed by the faculty admissions committee  at the end of Spring Semester to ensure they can continue into the major sequence that will begin in Autumn of Year 2.

City and Regional Planning students should plan to take CRPLAN 2000 and 2110 during their first year.

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If you discover that your preferred major is different than the one you were admitted to, see How to Change Your Major for more information about switching majors at Knowlton.

Ohio State Academy

Ohio State Academy is the name of the College Credit Plus program at Ohio State. Please note that all Knowlton undergraduate programs require four years to complete regardless of the amount of previous credit earned during high school.

High school students who complete Ohio State courses through the College Credit Plus program are eligible to enroll in some Knowlton courses but cannot enroll in major courses. Major courses require a student to be admitted to Ohio State as an undergraduate student. Access to computing, software, and other technology resources necessary to complete major courses is limited to students admitted to a Knowlton major.

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