Global-Option Knowlton

Global-Option Knowlton

The Global Option is a curriculum enhancement program through which Ohio State students may acquire documented international expertise. Global-Option Knowlton (or GO-KNOW) is the Knowlton-specific enhancement.


  • Combines globally-themed courses, experiences, and culture and language training to enhance global competencies and prepare students for planning in a global environment
  • Strengthens global perspectives and allows students to gain global skills to help them perform at a higher level of cultural awareness
  • Integrated into BSCRP major so it can be completed without adding time to graduation
  • Many existing CRP courses and activities meet the requirements described below


Complete coursework and activities in each of the 4 categories for at least 15 credit hours:

  1. Education Abroad (3 credit hours): Participate in a CRP study abroad program
  2. International Elements (3 credit hours): Take a CRP course with international elements
  3. World Culture or Language (6 credit hours): Take 2 world language or culture classes (CRP or GE courses)
  4. International Design (3 credit hours): Take a CRP studio with an international focus

How do I apply?

  1. Submit a completed GO-KNOW Registration Form to Student Services
  2. Review the program requirements with Student Services
  3. Earn at least a C- in all GO-KNOW coursework
  4. Maintain a record of completed courses/activities using the GO-KNOW Tracking Form
  5. Upon completion of requirements, students will receive a Global Option designation on their transcripts

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