Graduate Associateships

Graduate Associateships (GA) provide students experience along with financial support. GA positions are of three types.

  • Graduate Administrative Associates (GAAs)
  • Graduate Research Associates (GRAs)
  • Graduate Teaching Associates (GTA’s) 

GA’s are generally of two appointment levels. GA’s with a 25% appointment work 10 hours per week, receive a waiver of half the instructional, general, non-resident, and learning technology fees, as well as a monthly stipend.

GA’s with a 50% GA appointment work 20 hours per week and receive a full waiver of the instructional, general, non-resident, and learning technology fees, a monthly stipend, and an 85% subsidy on the Ohio State Student Health Insurance premium for eligible students.

With the exception of our PhD students, most Knowlton students on a GA appointment hold a 25% position.

Obtaining a GA

Typically, duties for GA positions within the Knowlton School are decided by June for the upcoming academic year.

New students may be awarded a GTA or GAA position at Knowlton based on a review of admissions applications. No additional application is needed.

Current students are awarded GAA and GTA positions at Knowlton based on performance. The architecture section and landscape architecture section allow current students to submit a GA interest form to be considered for specific positions in the upcoming academic year. The city and regional planning section does not currently require an application.

GRA positions are typically decided by individual faculty seeking student assistance.

Students are welcome to seek out GA positions in other departments on campus by contacting departments directly.


To hold a GA appointment, a student must satisfy the following eligibility requirements according to the Graduate School Handbook. The student:

  1. Must be pursuing a graduate degree at Ohio State
  2. Must meet minimum Graduate School registration requirements (audited courses do not count toward these requirements):
    • 8 credit hours during each semester a 50 percent or greater GA appointment is held, except during the summer term, when the minimum is 4
    • 4 credit hours during each semester a 25 percent appointment is held, except during the summer term, when the minimum is 2
    • for doctoral students who have passed the candidacy examination, 3 credit hours each semester or term a 50 percent GA appointment is held
  1. Must be in good standing in the Graduate School when the appointment or reappointment becomes effective (maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0)
  2. Must maintain reasonable progress toward a graduate degree
  3. Must certify proficiency in spoken English before assuming GTA duties involving direct student contact (applies only to international non-English speaking graduate students)
  4. Must satisfy other requirements published by the Graduate Studies Committee or appointing unit
  5. Must, if enrolled in a bachelor’s/master’s combined program, hold only a GA appointment that does not involve teaching of other students

GA Employment Forms and Training

Students who are offered a GA position are required to complete a series of forms as part of the hiring process. Most hiring forms are completed through DocuSign. 

GAs are required to present documents as part of the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form. See the last page of the I-9 form for a list of acceptable documents. Photocopies are not acceptable. Bring original documents with you in August when you come to fill out your paperwork.

International students who are assigned a GTA position must be certified through the Oral Proficiency Assessment (OPA). If you are a new GTA who has not taken the assessment, you will receive instructions via email. See the ESL website for details on the OPA.

GTAs will also be sent an invitation to register for the UCAT teaching orientation which is typically the week before fall semester begins. The orientation is optional. See their website for additional resources.