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Honors & Scholars

Jessica Baer-Graves, Honors and Scholars Coordinator
(e):   (t): 614-292-8804

The Architecture, Landscape and City Scholars Program and the University Honors Program offer exciting opportunities for incoming students. All freshman applicants to Ohio State who intend to major in architecture, landscape architecture, or city and regional planning are highly encouraged to apply for one of these programs as part of the application to The Ohio State University ( Priority consideration is given to students who complete their application by November 1.

Honors Program

The University Honors Program focuses on academic and research opportunities for OSU students. The program is available by application both to incoming freshman and to current Ohio State students who have earned at least a 3.5 GPA from 15 or more credit hours. Honors students are required to enroll in six honors or upper-level courses (5000+) within two years of gaining honors status and maintain a 3.5 GPA throughout their undergraduate studies.

How to Apply to Honors
Undergraduate students in any Knowlton School major may apply for Honors standing after earning a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Interested students should download the Honors Program Application from the bottom of the page.

  • Applications should be submitted to the attention of Jessica Baer-Graves in the Student Services Office (KN 100).
  • Students must apply for the Honors Program at least TWO semesters prior to graduation (by the 1st Friday of the term).
  • Submit the Honors Program Application by 1st Friday of the semester to have Honors status applied for the current term.
  • Submit the Honors Program Application at any other time and Honors status will be applied as of the next semester of enrollment.

Knowlton School Honors students have the additional opportunity to participate in one or both of the graduation programs highlighted below.

Graduation with Honors Research Distinction

Architecture and Landscape Architecture Honors students may pursue Graduation with Research Distinction through a Studio track that requires them to take, in their senior year, a research methods Honors Seminar (ARCH 4780H/LARCH 4780H), an Honors Studio (ARCH 4999H/LARCH 4999H), and honors evaluation by faculty review.

City and regional planning Honors students may pursue Graduation with Research Distinction through a Research track that requires them to take, in their senior year, a research methods Honors Seminar (CRPLAN 4780H), an Undergraduate Thesis course (CRPLAN 4999H), and complete an Honors Thesis or Project. Honors Thesis Students will be advised by an assigned City and regional planning Faculty Mentor.

Honors Research Scholarships may be available to students who choose to pursue Honors Research Distinction. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time during the semester(s) of funding and be enrolled in the appropriate coursework for their program. Awards generally range from $500 to $2,000 and are applied directly toward your statement of account for Spring Semester. This scholarship is designed to be applied to your tuition, fees, room, and board in order to reduce the cost of your education and enable you to have more time to spend on your research (rather than working at a job, for instance). The scholarship is NOT designed as a "supply" or materials scholarship to cover costs associated with your project. (If you are already receiving scholarship and/or grant aid that covers your full cost of attendance, you would only be eligible to receive additional funding to cover your own out-of-pocket expenses associated with your research. Therefore, if you are already receiving scholarship and/or grant aid that covers your full cost of attendance, you should not apply unless you have costs associated with your research that you (personally) will be responsible for paying.) In this situation, you will need to submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal to Student Financial Aid to request an review and potential increase of your cost of attendance limit.

Graduation with Honors in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or City and Regional Planning (GHKSA)

Knowlton School Honors students may participate in the GHKSA and pursue graduation with honors within their major field of study. In this program, students earn points for a broad range of experiences beyond their academic coursework, such as study abroad, internship experiences, campus and community engagement. The program is designed:

  • To support and challenge you with access to more advanced levels of study;
  • To enable your creativity;
  • To encourage in you a sustaining interest in advanced education and research;
  • To enhance your professional development, and;
  • To provide opportunities for you to gain recognition at the time of graduation for advanced and distinguishing work as an undergraduate.

Scholars Program

The Architecture, Landscape and City Scholars Program provides a community environment and engages students with activities outside the classroom. First-year Architecture, Landscape and City Scholars students live together on North Campus. In addition to the shared residential community, site visits, seminars and travel opportunities engage students and encourage exploration of the built and natural environments. While the program is open to students of any major, many students enter with an intention to pursue a major or minor in architecture, landscape architecture, or city and regional planning.

The program focuses on growing students' understanding of the historical, cultural and social significance of the world around them through the lens of design and planning. The program offers local trips and visits as well as day and weekend travel. Recent weekend trips have featured destinations such as Chicago, Boston, Toronto and Buffalo. Additionally, the program includes social activities, skill-development workshops, service initiatives and leadership opportunities.

NOTE: The Scholars Programs at OSU is only available to new, incoming freshmen. Students should complete their application to Ohio State by November 1 for priority consideration.