Funding, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Funding, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Funding Overview

Knowlton graduate students receive a variety of financial support. The amount and kind of support varies by degree program and student. Sources of graduate funding include graduate associateships, scholarships, and fellowships.

Graduate Associateships

Graduate associateships (GAs) provide students with teaching, research, and administrative experience along with financial support in the form of reduced fees and a stipend.

There are three types of GA: Graduate Administrative Associates, Graduate Research Associates (GRAs), and Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs).

With the exception of PhD students, most Knowlton GAs hold a 25% position, work 10 hours per week, receive a waiver of half the instructional, general, non-resident, and learning technology fees, and receive a monthly stipend.

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Knowlton offers many endowed scholarships. Faculty in each section review candidates at the close of each academic year and select recipients based on specific scholarship criteria, academic performance, and/or financial need.

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Many organizations affiliated with architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning offer scholarships and other financial support opportunities.

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A fellowship is a financial award made by Ohio State or the College of Engineering to support students during a portion of their graduate degree programs. 

Fellows are selected on the basis of academic merit through university-wide competitions overseen by the Graduate School without respect to financial need. Graduate fellows cannot be required to perform a service in return for receiving a stipend.

Students cannot apply directly for fellowships, and decisions about funding are made at the point of admission.

No additional application is required to be considered for most fellowships. However, students who believe that they are eligible for a Graduate Enrichment Fellowship are encouraged to submit a diversity statement as part of their application.

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PhD Funding

PhD funding differs from masters program funding. PhD students appointed GAs are typically appointed to 50% positions.

In addition, the City and Regional Planning Section makes four Knowlton PhD Awards in City and Regional Planning to incoming doctoral students every year. The Knowlton PhD Awards include a four-year commitment of financial support (a stipend and a tuition waiver) through a combination of fellowships and graduate research and teaching assistantships.

Need-Based Aid

Neither the Knowlton School nor the sections manage need-based financial aid. 

All applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid through Ohio State’s Student Financial Aid office and complete a Federal Application for Student Aid to ensure they have access to all of the grant, loan, work, and fellowship opportunities available. 

Learn more about need-based aid and completing the FAFSA at the Student Financial Aid website

Travel Scholarships

Travel scholarships may be available to students who participate in Knowlton-based travel programs. Interested students should consult with the faculty director of the program in which they desire to participate to learn about funding options. Travel scholarships are applied to a student’s account for the term in which the program’s credits are earned.

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ARTA Program

The Knowlton School's Architecture Research Travel Awards (ARTA) program was established to encourage independent travel and research initiatives of up to 30 days by Knowlton students from all degree programs. The ARTA program is made possible by generous support from the Columbus Foundation. In the fall semester following completion of their summer projects, ARTA winners present their work at the School.

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Knowlton Access Fund

The Knowlton Access Fund has been established to support initiatives that actively contribute to a more diverse and inclusive student body. The fund provides emergency or interim financial assistance to students who face unforeseen financial expenses or who lack resources to meet expenses after exhausting other forms of financial aid.

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