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Dear Recent Knowlton School Graduate,

I enjoyed meeting many of you at the wonderful Spring 2016 Commencement celebration in Knowlton Hall last month. In my current role as President of the Knowlton School Alumni Society—one of 45 Ohio State University alumni societies—I'm writing to let you know that, as a school alumnus, you are already a member of the Society. Membership is free for all alumni, and being an active member of the society is a terrific way to leverage the Society's extensive national and international network of alumni as you pursue your career—whether it be in architecture, landscape architecture, planning and other related professions—or as you continue your education.

The society works closely with the Knowlton School and with the OSU Alumni Association in co-sponsoring and coordinating numerous activities both here in Central Ohio and across the nation, all of which you are invited to take part in. The following are a few examples of the kinds of events and initiatives that have taken place in recent years:

  • The annual Knowlton School Alumni Society Summer Picnic, for alumni and their families: This year, the 3rd Annual Summer Picnic will take place on Saturday, July 16 from 6-9 p.m. at the Goodale Park Shelter House in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Alumni receptions every year at each of the three professional association conventions: In the past two years, the School and Society have hosted these events in Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Phoenix and Atlanta, and we're already planning for next year's events in New Orleans, New York City and Orlando;
  • Coast-to-Coast Happy Hours scheduled in a rotating selection of cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Columbus, Chicago and Washington, DC;
  • Joint Association Happy Hours in Columbus: Co-sponsored by OCASLA, AIA Columbus, APA Ohio Chapter, ULI Columbus, the Knowlton School Alumni Society and several other professional organizations. Joint Association Happy Hours are held at various venues in the Columbus metro area, and are invaluable opportunities to extend your professional network;
  • Knowlton School Alumni Homecoming Reunion: Each year, the Knowlton School hosts a reunion breakfast preceding the OSU Homecoming game. The event is held on the Knowlton Hall Ruscilli Terrace, directly across the street from Ohio Stadium; there isn't a better spot on campus to take in the pre-game spectacle of an Ohio State football game;
  • Some of you may have taken advantage of the Knowlton School Mentor Program: The program is a collaborative effort of the School and the Alumni Society, each year involving roughly 100 student mentees and 100 alumni mentors. If you are an alumnus working as a professional architect, landscape architect or planner, you can now be involved in the program as a mentor, helping current Knowlton School students prepare for their future careers.

I could on, but I hope the above listing gives you some sense of the rich set of opportunities that exist for Knowlton School alumni to remain connected with the on-going life of the school, and to become connected to a community of 8,000 Knowlton School alumni through the Alumni Society.

I do want to take another moment, however, to let you know that you still have time to register for this summer's Knowlton School Alumni Society Summer Picnic! Enjoy BBQ from City Barbeque, a cupcake bar from Lulu's Cupcakes, a special appearance by TBDBITL Alumni Band and a raffle, including an opportunity to win 2 free tickets to the Buckeye Homecoming Game on October 1! Register today by clicking the button below and spread the word to fellow Knowlton Alumni!

Starting with the next issue, later this month, you'll start receiving the Knowlton School Alumni e-newsletter, which includes alumni news, highlights from Knowlton Hall, and a complete listing of upcoming alumni events. Please make sure to update your contact information with the Knowlton School via their online form; it's the only way to ensure that you'll stay abreast of what's happening in the School and with the Alumni Society.

Congratulations on your recent graduation from Ohio State and the Knowlton School! I look forward to seeing you at future alumni events.

Best regards,

Bhakti Bania, MArch '01
President, Knowlton School Alumni Society