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Current Course Offerings

Each semester, the Landscape Architecture section offers seminars and other special offerings and elective courses which focus on topics that complement the core BSLA curriculum. These courses may also serve students from the other sections of the Knowlton School or across the University. New topics are always in development in order to afford students the opportunity to pursue elective courses whose content is both timely and of particular interest to them.

To see the program's full course catalog, click the curriculum link above. To see the full list of courses offered by the section for a particular term, visit the Schedule of Classes on BuckeyeLink.

Spring 2017

ARCH 5590 / LARCH 4410 / LARCH 7410: Site Planning Through the Lenses of Architecture and Landscape Architecture


From antiquity to contemporary times, site planning has been a means for the thoughtful arrangement of disparate structures and the careful shaping of the spaces between them.  Site planning, as a significant type of design for both architecture and landscape architecture, is driven by both poetic intentions and functional, ecological and cultural concerns.

This seminar shall investigate, through case studies, sketch projects and current site planning conceptual strategies and techniques, a range of scales and program types, with particular emphasis on exploring the distinctions between the approach to site planning found in architecture from that of landscape architecture, then considering how a more synthetic practice might be conceived.

3 credit hours

LARCH 2780 / 7890: Landform Genealogy


This seminar investigates the coevolution of landforms, habitation, and resource extraction in Ohio. Through on-site analysis and exploratory model making, students are asked to construct a visual catalogue of local landforms that indexes their geologic, cultural, and aesthetic relationships. Tools including GPS tracking, aerial photography, and large scale drawing will be explored on field trips to landfills, quarries, acid bogs, and limestone karst terrain.

3 credit hours

LARCH 2780 / 7890: Parametric Surfaces

Within parametric design lies the ability to explore an infinite number of design solutions with any given set of variables.  So what happens when this design process meets the very surfaces we interact with on a daily basis?  This seminar seeks to break down and explore existing projects utilizing parametric design techniques gaining a further understanding of their constructs while also allowing students to implement similar methods within their own studio designs.

Utilizing the Grasshopper interface within Rhino 5.0, students will begin by replicating a series of contemporary case-study projects employing the parametric design software. These projects range in scale from large topographies such as Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe to façade studies such as Herzog & De Meuron’s Signal Box and more. After understanding each case-study, students will then take the project further as they propose their own modification to the parametric definition resulting in an altered version of the original project. The course will culminate in the fabrication of one these modified systems utilizing the school’s various prototyping and fabrication equipment.

Prerequisite: Beginner/Intermediate knowledge of Rhino 5.0

3 credit hours

LARCH 4410 / 7410: Green Infrastructure


This course offers a survey of green infrastructure standards including, but not limited to: bioswales, greenroofs, and bioretention design. Through case study research and analysis, students will become familiar with existing standards and city masterplans. The students will develop new green infrastructure standards and prototypes.

3 credit hours