Master of Landscape Architecture Dual Degrees

Having two well-chosen degrees allows students to focus their work and can make them more marketable upon graduation. The dual degree option is a great opportunity for our students to earn two graduate degrees in less time than pursuing them separately.


A number of MLA students have completed a dual degree with the Master of City and Regional Planning, and this dual program is an established course of study. Students pursuing the MLA/MCRP dual degree can complete both degrees in four years, which shortens the time to earn both degrees by one year. Students pursuing a dual will complete all core courses listed in the MLA and MCRP curricula and can choose electives to fulfill requirements of both programs.

The MLA/MCRP dual is an established dual degree program, but it is possible for students to arrange their own unique dual degree program with a different graduate program on campus if they are interested. Students should discuss the idea of a dual degree with faculty early in order to determine whether a dual degree is in their best interests. In order to undertake a dual degree, students must be admitted to both programs. See the admissions page for details.


Please note that when officially enrolled as a dual degree student, students pay the higher of the two tuition rates. The MLA and MCRP tuition rates are the same and most graduate programs are of similar rates, with the exception of professional degrees such as the MBA or Law degree. If you have any questions about the logistics of pursuing a dual degree, please contact the Graduate Programs Coordinator.