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Connect with the KSA

The Knowlton School of Architecture offers a variety of ways for members of our community to connect with the school. Here are a list of the websites on which you can find content from the KSA, or connect with other members of the school's community:


The KSA's Facebook page is where we post information about upcoming events around the KSA. Become a fan at The Landscape Architecture section also has its own page at


The KSA as a whole tweets from @KnowltonOSU, while the school's Digital Library posts from @KSADigLib. To join in a community discussion around the KSA, please use the hashtag #knowlton.


Are you an alumnus of the school? Join the KSA's group on LinkedIn to connect with former classmates, faculty, or other people who have made a connection with the school.


Many of the lectures from the KSA's lecture series are posted to iTunesU for viewing by those who could not attend in person. The school's channel is also used for posting class lectures and other open educational resources.


Many student projects are posted to our YouTube channel, which also houses promotional materials that are produced by the sections of the KSA. As video production becomes more central to the practice of many of our disciplines, this platform offers one way to keep up with what some of our students are producing during their time here.


As part of the school's extensive study abroad programs, the school invites former participants to submit images from their travels to the school's travel photo pool. These photos are also eligible for contribution to the school's Digital Library.