KSA students and faculty contribute to the Community Garden of the Year

Katie O'Lone and Marissa Linz, two recently-graduated BSLA students, completed a senior thesis that looked at socially entrepreneurial community gardens. Through that project, the students began working with Franklinton Gardens, and they were eventually asked to help design and build one of Franklinton Garden’s four gardens. Harvey’s Place, the 909 Rich Street garden that the students worked on, was included in the recently-awarded Franklin Park Conservatory “Growing to Green” Community Garden of the Year. Read more about the award and see photos of the gardens here: http://www.franklintongardens.org/2010/09/franklinton-gardens-named-community.html

The advisor of the project was Landscape Architecture lecturer Jacob Boswell, who was recently selected as a winner in the CIVIC design competition presented by Preservation Pittsburgh. Read more about that award here.

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