ULI Foundation Awards $25,000 Grant

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Columbus District Council was awarded a $25,000.00 Community Action Grant as one of three grants made by the Urban Land Institute’s Community Action Grants program. Winners were announced this week during the ULI Fall Meeting in Washington, DC.

ULI received 16 applications, which were reviewed by a committee of renowned land use development and planning experts, including Stephen P. Navarro, president, Furman Co., Inc. in Greenville, South Carolina; William A. Gilchrist, director of place-based planning, Mayor’s Office of Facilities, Infrastructure, and Community Planning, City of New Orleans; S. Gail Goldberg, former planning director, City of Los Angeles Planning Department; John H. Mays, managing partner, Gould & Ratner, Chicago; and Gregory J. Vogel, chief executive officer, Land Advisors Organization in Scottsdale, Arizona. Grants totaling $70,000 were awarded to three district councils.

In selecting the winners, the committee sought projects that reflected innovative, new ideas; measurable outcomes; a prominent role for ULI in the project; models that could be applied to other places; and projects that focused on ULI’s three core areas:  sustainability, infrastructure and workforce/affordable housing.

"While all ULI Foundation work is centered upon research, education, and public service programs, the Community Action Grant program was specifically created to encourage creativity of entrepreneurial projects at the regional and local level," said program review committee chair Stephen P. Navarro.  "The awards winners have the potential to build community consensus for action and change.   By encouraging new ideas and supporting the most entrepreneurial projects, all communities can benefit because these projects can be replicated in other communities."

About The City in 2050: Creating Blueprints for Change in Columbus (Columbus 2050)

ULI Columbus, in partnership with the City of Columbus, Franklin County, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Ohio State University City and Regional Planning (OSU), is engaging in a regional visioning initiative - The City in 2050: Creating Blueprints for Change in Columbus with eight themes to explore strategic urban development in the Central Ohio region by asking: How will we LIVE, WORK, and PLAY in Columbus in the year 2050? The proceeds of the grant will be used to fund research and other services that will be provided by senior level students and faculty of the OSU Department of City and Regional Planning, who will be utilizing the ongoing strategic planning work of the City of Columbus, Franklin County and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission for our 12 county Central Ohio region.

In January 2011 ULI Columbus will hold a Kick-off Program to launch the initiative. Following this program, faculty from the OSU Knowlton School of Architecture will facilitate a World Café Discussion in February, which will bring together approximately 50 of the region’s leaders from both public and private sectors for a day-long workshop to focus on questions about the future of cities and the changes needed to meet the demands of tomorrow in our region. The results of this workshop and the work of the OSU students will be used to frame a series of eight public meetings beginning in March 2011 on each of the City in 2050 themes. The results will be reported in a publication entitled City in 2050: Creating Blueprints for Change in Columbus, which is expected to be presented to the public in June of 2012.

About the Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute (www.uli.org) is a global nonprofit education and research institute supported by its more than 30,000 members. Its mission is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

For more information, contact:
Joseph Reidy, ULI Columbus Mission Advancement Vice-Chair at 614.462.2207 or Email: jreidy@szd.com
Alicia Gaston, ULI Columbus District Council Coordinator at 614.596.0983 or Email: Alicia.Gaston@uli.org