Gui Competition Winners Announced


First Place: Minyoung Kim
Second Place: Megan Dixon
Third Place: Jae-Hui Jeong
Honorable Mention: Joshua Tooill

Studio Overview

The central aim of the senior design studio in Winter Quarter is to continue the development of the students’ design expertise and abilities. The initial week consists of team investigations of the program and building types, an analysis of building materials, site and cultural research, and the building of a site model. The intent is that social, cultural, and contextual research will inform design and will be incorporated into the development of architectural ideas. The design methodology for each studio section is developed by the section instructor. However, the program requirements and the time schedule allow or an exchange across sections.

History of the Competition

On May 3, 1996, the James E. Gui ’54 Design Competition Awards Fund was approved by The Ohio State University Board of Trustees. The Fund was generously established by Jim and Anne Gui through the OSU Foundation and will exist in perpetuity.

The Endowment Fund allows for a design competition to be incorporated into the curriculum of the undergraduate senior year of the architecture program. The Competition is conducted during the winter quarter and tests the students’ skills in designing a project for a complex program on a challenging site. The Competition also encourages the students to understand the importance of a clear concept and presentation strategy.

Judging for the Competition takes place in two stages. Two projects are chosen from each studio section based on the end-of-quarter final review. Those projects are then judged by a jury consisting of at least one Knowlton School faculty member, a local practitioner, and a nationally recognized architect. Awards are made for the first place, second place, third place and no more than three honorable mentions.