Landscape Architecture and CRP Faculty Receive Engagement Impact Grant


"Sustainable Futures for Linden Village: A Model for Increasing the Social Capital and the Quality of Life in an Urban Neighborhood” was awarded an Engagement Impact Grant in the amount of $54,000.

The proposed “Sustainable Futures for Linden Village” project is a partnership between OSU Faculty in the Colleges of Engineering, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Greater Linden Development Corporation (GLDC). It supports the realization of community‐defined priorities for affordable green, energy efficient housing development, job training opportunities, homeowner assistance with renovation, and practical, hands‐on learning environments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills development for local students.

The goal of this project is to provide a series of integrated research, education, and outreach programs designed to raise the awareness, knowledge, and skills of local community residents, teachers/students, and organizations in the areas of sustainable community and housing development, and deliver measureable outcomes for each activity. Based on an interdisciplinary and collaborative effort to be made by OSU faculty and students in city and regional planning, landscape architecture, and construction systems management, this project can provide technical assistance and development models in solving issues related to urban revitalization, community economic growth, healthy neighborhoods and green home rehabilitation, energy efficiency retrofit, and new affordable housing development.

As a recipient of this year’s award, the team’s achievement will be recognized at the 8th Annual James F. Patterson Land-Grant University Lecture on Wednesday, May 4 at the Archie M. Griffin West Ballroom at the Ohio Union.

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