Professors Tilder and Turk awarded for work on Pod Home

In recognition of their work on the Pod Home, Professors Lisa Tilder and Stephen Turk will receive the 2010-2011 ACSA/AIA Housing Design Education Award and the 2010-2011 ACSA Collaborative Practice Honorable Mention.

The Pod Home was the result of the first interdisciplinary partnership in the College of Engineering at Ohio State. A team of Architecture and Engineering students, led by Lisa and Stephen with Engineering Professors Gary Kinzel and Seppo Korpela, worked together to design and construct a sustainable house as a flexible living "pod" that could be transported to various sites for a range of needs. Integrating innovative architectural design with inventive engineering and sustainable technologies, the Pod Home explores alternatives to market-rate housing through energy-efficient design and sustainable materials, emphasizing to visitors that the average person needs only a small footprint to live comfortably. The Pod home's unique exterior form was developed to optimize the use of passive solar energy, and the slope of its roof maximizes the collection of solar energy incident on the photovoltaic panels and solar energy collector.

Students from three academic years and three disciplines have contributed to the Pod Home project. The team constructed the home with grant funds, in-kind material and service donations, and a substantial amount of volunteer labor. The Pod Home is now on display at COSI's Big Science Park in Columbus, Ohio and marks the beginning of a series of Energy and Environment educational exhibits for children at COSI.

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