Michael Cadwell named Interim Director

A letter from Michael Cadwell, Interim Director of the Knowlton School of Architecture:

Dear KSA Community:

A lot happens at the KSA, the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. There is what you would expect:  Students, guided by faculty, challenged with technical skills, critical thinking, and creative projects in preparation for careers beyond Knowlton Hall. However, there are also the unexpected stories of faculty and students pursuing opportunities outside the classroom, in Ohio, across the nation, and around the globe. I offer both kinds of stories – the expected and the unexpected – as we review the past year and look forward to the year ahead.

There are, of course, the ongoing operations of the School.  The University switches to semesters in Autumn 2012, and semester versions of our academic programs have been prepared and approved.  In this process we cross-listed courses to gain efficiencies, created new General Education courses to attract non-KSA students, and added minors in sustainability and urban design.  Our new undergraduate major in City and Regional Planning will further supplement enrollments and complete the KSA Honors Program for all three academic sections.  This year, the School also underwent a successful University Academic Program Review and four successful external professional degree accreditation reviews: Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of City and Regional Planning, and Master of Architecture.  Finally, Professor Ann Pendleton-Jullian completed her term as Director, leading the School through these endeavors as well as strengthening the staff, providing a sound financial plan, and championing study abroad initiatives.

Faculty also had a productive year. 

  • Professors Charisma Acey and Jesus Lara collaborated with the Colleges of Engineering, Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Greater Linden Development Corporation, and were awarded a $54,000 Engagement Impact Grant for “Sustainable Futures for Linden Village.”
  • Professor Kay Bea Jones co-authored a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Challenge Grant, which brought $865,000 to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, including $135,000 for the KSA’s efforts in Columbus’s Weinland Park area.
  • Professor Rob Livesey was awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Ohio 2010 Gold Medal Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the discipline.
  • Professors Karen Lewis and Jason Kentner’s project “Harborport” was a semifinalist in the One Prize Competition for Sustainable Infrastructure.
  • Professor Steven Gordon received a $1.1 million National Science Foundation grant for advanced cyber infrastructure at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.
  • Professor José Oubrerie was named 2011-2012 Baird Distinguished Professor at Cornell University.
  • Professor Evans-Cowley was cited as a leader in planning technology by Planetizen.
  • Professor Jeffrey Kipnis continued his peripatetic lecturing at Tokyo University, the Architectural Association of London, the Berlin Institute of Technology, the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and the Venice Biennale.

Fulltime faculty were joined by distinguished visiting faculty: Toshiko Mori from Harvard as Baumer Master Professor, Jason Payne from UCLA as Baumer Studio Professor, Michael Piper from DUB Studio as LeFevre Fellow, and Jungyoon Kim + Yoonjin Park from Korea as Trott Professors, as well as public lectures by Doug Reed, Catherine Seavitt, Paul Lewis, Adam Bly, and Allan Wexler (to name just a few).

Joint faculty and student work also received recognition.

  • Professors Lisa Tilder and Steve Turk with students from three disciplines won a Housing Design Education Award from the AIA and the American Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), and an ACSA Collaborative Practice Honorable Mention.  Their project, “POD,” is a small, sustainable, transportable house now on exhibition at the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus. 
  • Professor Jennifer Evans-Cowley’s students joined their numerous colleagues from previous years in their continuing work with food system, watershed, and housing elements of the post-Katrina Gulf Coast Plan supported by a HUD Regional Sustainability Planning Grant. 
  • Professor Karen Lewis’ design studio received two awards for entries to the Van Alen Institute’s “Life at the Speed of Rail” international competition.
  • enCORE, OSU’s second entry into the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, is well under way with students and faculty throughout the KSA and College of Engineering designing and building a zero-energy house.  Follow their progress at solardecathlon.osu.edu, or visit them on the Washington National Mall, September 23-October 2.

Involvement in real world projects such as these help make the KSA unique.  Equally important in an interconnected world are our study abroad programs.  There are old favorites: Professor Lisa Tilder and Instructor Beatrice Bruscoli led this year’s Italy Abroad Program; Professor Jason Kentner and Instructor Aimee Moore led the Honors and Scholars trip to the Netherlands; Professor Maria Manta-Conroy organized the Dresden Exchange Program; and Professor Jacqueline Gargus again led her popular Summer European Tour.  In addition, the KSA targeted specific issues in a global setting:

  • Professor Jesus Lara’s “European Cities and Sustainable Urban Landscapes” brought students to four continental sites to explore emerging sustainable strategies.
  • Professor Charisma Acey and Instructor Jamie Greene brought students to Ghana, joining students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to develop projects dealing with water quality, health care, sanitation, education and agriculture.
  • Professor Katherine Bennett’s students in her “International Workshop on Urban Landscape” were hosted by the University of Seoul last summer and, this summer, by Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. 
  • Professor Ann Pendleton-Jullian’s students traveled to China’s Guizhou Province to study rural tourism, the third of her international studios, following those in San Paolo and Shanghai.

At the KSA, we strive to create a learning environment that supports such programming, because these experiences not only complement traditional learning models, but also prepare our students to excel in a global market. Each year, we see examples of our students’ abilities through their recognition outside of Knowlton Hall.

  • Architecture students Kara Biczykowski and Jake Haggmark were awarded Cannon Internships to Shanghai, and Samuel Ludwig and Yiwen Zhang were awarded Cannon Internships to Washington DC.
  • Landscape Architecture senior Ross Wakefield and his teammates were awarded $20,000 as winners of Microsoft's Firenze | BXT Student Innovation Competition 2011. 
  • Benjamin Kent built upon Associate Professor Kyle Ezell’s CRP course with the OH Art Community Project, transforming campus busses into rolling art galleries.  
  • Nick Gottardt and Christian Hasenfratz garnered American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Awards.

As we prepare for the new academic year, I expect the KSA to generate as many successes and innovations as in the past year.  Many of the initiatives I mentioned above will be ongoing, but we’ll launch new ones as well.  Associate Professor Jane Murphy’s design-build collaboration with the Springfield, Ohio chapter of Habitat for Humanity is just one anticipated example.  We will also welcome new faculty: Assistant Professor Kristy Balliet comes to Architecture from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna; Assistant Professor Jake Boswell joins Landscape Architecture; Brandon Clifford is the LeFevre Fellow and a recent Princeton graduate; and Dr. Bernadette Hanlon, from the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education, joins City and Regional Planning as the Trott Distinguished Visiting Professor.

I look forward to telling the evolving and exciting story of the Knowlton School of Architecture over the coming year.  You can also follow us on line at www.knowlton.osu.edu.  To make it easier for us to stay in touch, please submit address or e-mail changes to www.knowlton.osu.edu/update.  Stop by Knowlton Hall the next time you’re on campus.  Have a coffee at the café, visit the studios, and experience the energy of the KSA.


Michael B. Cadwell
Interim Director

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