CRP Faculty Project Wins Ohio Department of Transportation Research Grant

City and Regional Planning faculty members Gulsah Akar and Steve Gordon were awarded an OPREP (ODOT Partnered Research Exploration Program) research grant of $136,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for their project “Linking Land Use, Transportation and Travel Behavior in Ohio.”

The proposed project will develop a statewide Regional Land Use Allocation Decision Analysis Model that forecasts the impacts of future land use policies in Ohio, based on alternative assumptions of highway and mass transit corridor development, zoning and environmental constraints, and changes in individual/household travel behavior associated with trip generation. The tools provided as a result of this research will enable the policy-makers to make informed decisions regarding future land use policies, and transportation investments.

The outcomes of this project are particularly important when viewed in the context of major challenges related to energy consumption, climate change, environmental quality, and economic viability; issues whose effects are felt both locally, here in Ohio, and on a global scale.  Plan for new land use policies and investments in the transportation system over the next decade will face a new set of challenges tied to the changing demographic and economic conditions in Ohio, in addition to the rising costs of energy and related policies aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our economy.  “Linking Land Use, Transportation and Travel Behavior in Ohio” will provide a deeper understanding on the implications of these changes and the current relationships between land use and travel behavior, and how these might be impacted by future land use, transportation and energy policies. The project will be accomplished by a collaborative effort made by the Knowlton School of Architecture’s City and Regional Planning (CRP) section, the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), and Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC).