Architecture Graduate Student Alex Ruiz Creates Population Map of Ohio

The capacity to express complex, often highly detailed information in comprehensive, visual form is a skill developed by Knowlton School of Architecture students in all three of our academic sections. Architecture graduate student Alex Ruiz used those skills to produce a CNC mill-fabricated installation representing a population map of Ohio.

This JobsOhio project, a collaboration between Glavan Fehèr Architects and the KSA, is meant to reinforce JobsOhio’s commitment to the citizens of the state.  The map will be mounted in the new JobsOhio offices located in downtown Columbus's Huntington Center.

The installation is comprised of twelve 3’x3’ foam panels aligned in a grid, creating an overall 9’ x 12’ map of Ohio and portions of the surrounding states including the Canadian border and Lake Erie. All 88 Ohio counties were outlined and their population registered by height emanating from the centroid of their largest city, thus creating abstracted undulations in the state of Ohio’s surface.

The final effect achieved by Ruiz, a Knowlton Teaching Fellow at the KSA, is a dramatic diagramming of Ohio’s population, designed to make a memorable impression to future clients and encourage further business development in Ohio.