KSA Students Shape the Columbus Bicentennial

For the past few years, the City of Columbus has been gearing up for its Bicentennial commemoration and celebration. The initiative, called 200Columbus, is being managed by ACP, a local planning firm with strong Ohio State and KSA ties. KSA students have made important contributions to the Bicentennial program in several ways, securing a substantial place in Columbus' history.

  • ACP interns Kyle May (CRP) and Brian Davis (CRP, MLA) have been an integral part of the preparation and now the implementation of the Bicentennial program, including working closely with the Mayor's office and many city leaders. [See attached photo. Caption: CRP students/ACP interns Kyle May (right) and Brian Davis (left) celebrate the new year with Mayor Michael Coleman at a Blue Jackets game.] 
  • In the fall quarter of 2011, ACP Principal Jamie Greene, AIA, AICP led a KSA Community Legacy Planning studio that gave students the opportunity to propose projects or initiatives for the Bicentennial. Three of these student projects are currently being considered for implementation: (1) Snapshot Columbus, proposed by Phillip Boone, John Koob and Ayden Ergun; (2) Innovation Park, proposed by Samantha Robbins, Lucie McMahon and Danny Murray; and (3) OSU Stadium's 90th Anniversary / Howard Dwight Smith Commemoration, proposed by Logan Dawson and Jeff Macko.
  • In addition to Principal Greene and the students' involvement, KSA faculty member Sarah Bongiorno is assisting ACP with 200Columbus; her particular focus is on the Bicentennial's Innovation and Design program.

There are still many opportunities for any interested KSA faculty member or student to get engaged with this year-long celebration, including helping with a swell of immediate initiatives surrounding Columbus's actual birthday this month. To get involved, contact ACP at 614-586-1500 or jgreene@acp-planning.com.

For more information visit www.acp-planning.com and www.200Columbus.com.