24 Hour Student Design Competition Winners Announced

The Knowlton School of Architecture is pleased to announce the winners of the 24 Hour Student Design Competition hosted at the School on February 16-17. Forty-one student teams entered the competition, out of which one winning team and two honorable mention teams were selected:

First Prize:
Move Out of Ward: Wild Respite World for Patients
Ran Cao (Graduate Architecture) and En-Hsiang Tseng (Graduate Landscape Architecture)

Honorable Mention:
Smoothing: Water Flows
Qing Huang (Undergraduate Architecture), Jiajun Ren (Undergraduate Architecture), and MengqingChen (Undergraduate Architecture)

Nicholas Gotthardt (Undergraduate Landscape Architecture) and Jaime Pujol (Graduate Landscape Architecture and City & Regional Planning)

The competition site was an exterior space within the O’Bleness Memorial Hospital complex in Athens, Ohio. The theme of the competition was that of respite: Simply defined, an interval of rest or relief. As such, respite could include anything that restores people: Patients, family members, employees, or visitors.  The hospital administration was intrigued by biophilia, the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms in nature.

The jury for the competition consisted of:
John C. Yanes, FCHE, CEO, Ohio Health, O’Bleness Memorial Hospital
Laurie Gunzelman, AIA
Karen Lewis, KSA Architecture
Jake Boswell, KSA Landscape Architecture
Kyle Ezell, KSA City and Regional Planning
Michael Cadwell, KSA Director

The competition was open to all students at the Knowlton School of Architecture. Students, were encouraged to work in cross-disciplinary teams, and had only 24 hours to complete their entries from the time they first received the competition brief.

The Knowlton School of Architecture congratulates the winners, and all students who took part in the competition!



 Ran Cao and En-Hsiang Tseng


 Qing Huang, Jiajun Ren, and MengqingChen


 Nicholas Gotthardt and Jaime Pujol