Interdisciplinary Research Cluster Competition RFP

OSU's new Environmental Sciences Network (ESN) has announced an Interdisciplinary Research Cluster Competition request for proposals.


  • Three awards are anticipated, maximum of $50,000 per award
  • Emphasis on formation of highly integrated, cross-­‐college research clusters focusing on Environmental issues
  • Funds to be used for activities enabling submission of large (>$3 million) grant application(s) within one year
  • Proposals due 7/1/12

The full RFP can be found at:

The ESN was created in 2011 by the following founding partners:

  • The Graduate School
  • College of Engineering
  • Colleges of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Food, Ag & Env Sciences
  • Office of Research

Because environmental and life science challenges don’t fall neatly into academic departments, the ESN was created to promote and facilitate collaboration on environmental research across the University, from seed grants to symposia to institutional advocacy.