KSA Fashion Schau Winners Announced

The Knowlton School of Architecture is pleased to announce the winners of the first KSA Fashion Schau, held in the Knowlton Hall Center Space on Friday, January 20:

  • First Place - Cheyenne Vandevoorde (designer) & McKenzie Wilhelm (model)
  • Second Place - Adam Welker (designer) & Sesen Paulos (model)
  • Third Place - Jonathan Rieke (designer) & Emma Silverblatt (model)

The event was hosted by SERVitecture, a design/build community service organization at the KSA, comprised of students from all three academic sections.  The organization participates in numerous service and design projects throughout the year.

SERVitecture had never before organized an event like the Fashion Schau, and spent months in preparation. Final details included production on multiple scales, from the runway design to laser cutting tickets; everything was intended to display the importance of good design.  The concept for the Schau (German for “show”) stemmed from the Bauhaus costume designs and Beaux Arts Balls of the early twentieth century.  Similar to those events, SERVitecture created the Schau around the idea of rethinking fashion architecturally.  At the KSA, students are constantly experimenting with new and interesting materials, as well as repurposing everyday objects, in their design projects.  The task of the Fashion Schau designers, who came from multiple departments around campus, was:  Within a $20 budget, to design something unique that was both economical and creative.  The show was judged by Knowlton faculty Jackie Gargus, Brandon Clifford, Beth Blostein, Bart Overly, Karla Trott and Kay Bea Jones.

The Schau served as a place for interesting people to come together to publicly present their work and ideas in a dynamic space.  Knowlton Hall, which hosts a wide variety of events throughout each year, proved the perfect venue for such an event.  Outside of the food, music and fun, the Fashion Schau was a major fundraiser for SERVitecture, generating $700 in proceeds which were donated to the charitable organization, Dress for Success Columbus.  Dress for Success is a national organization that helps empower women in their communities to become more self-sufficient through access to professional attire, career and development courses, and informational sessions.  SERVitecture was humbled by the work that Dress for Success Columbus does for the local community. 

To see additional photos from the Schau, and for more information about SERVitecture, see servitecture.weebly.com.