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Ohio Field Design Charrette

The University Architect’s Office at OSU approached the KSA’s Landscape Architecture Section about conducting a design charrette to memorialize Chic Harley on the site of Ohio Field, OSU’s first football stadium located on the corner of High and Woodruff. Charles William “Chic” Harley (September 15, 1894 – April 21, 1974) was one of the outstanding American football players of the first half of the 20th century and the player who first brought the Ohio State University football program to national attention. In 1951, Harley was a charter inductee into the College Football Hall of Fame.

The charrette was conducted over two days, March 30-13, 2012, with teams comprised of representatives from three professional design offices, Knowlton School of Architecture faculty, and student members. Each team was provided background materials prior to the charrette. As part of the charrette, teams participated in information sessions and a site visit prior to developing proposals.

Following completion of the charrette, KSA faculty will oversee development of proposal documents including site plans and rendered perspective images. Final proposals will be featured in a brochure/booklet that will serve to help with fund-raising for the project. The faculty nominated students to participate in this special event and very much look forward to having some of our program’s most accomplished and dedicated students work with our esteemed guests from the offices listed below.

Ohio Field Charrette Teams:


Firm Representatives - Keith Myers, Darren Meyer
KSA Landscape Architecture Faculty - Karla Trott
KSA Landscape Architecture Students - Nick Gotthardt, Abby Downs, David Shimmel, Jason Reibold; Alternates: Mike Reder, Lea Vaessin

Olin Partnership

Firm Representatives - Laurie Olin, Jessica Henson
KSA Landscape Architecture Faculty - Jake Boswell
KSA Landscape Architecture Students - Kirk Hiatt, Jaime Pujol, Brett Kordenbrock, Shane Antolak; Alternates: Lauren Norton, Jack Rosenberger


Firm Representatives - Douglas Reed, Chris Moyles
KSA Landscape Architecture Faculty - Jason Kentner
KSA Landscape Architecture Students - Jesse Hartman, Tatiana Parfenova, Chen Tong, Valerie Urbanik; Alternates: Annie Bergelin, Dan Van Voorhis