Jesus J. Lara Guest Editor/Contributor to Special Issue of Journal of Urbanism


This summer, Landscape Architecture Assistant Professor Jesus J. Lara was guest editor and contributor to a special issue of the Journal of Urbanism, Latino Urbanism: Placemaking in 21st Century American Cities, which expands upon the growing literature on Latino Urbanism, focusing on its role in shaping and incorporating Latino needs in the development of American cities. Latinos are assuming prominence in our social, political and economic systems, and they are having a growing impact in shaping the built environment. Evidence of this can be found in the United States Census Bureau’s America Facts in 2011.

All eight contributions in this special issue highlight the important role that Latinos play in shaping the built environment, and what that role implies for the future. To integrate with this discourse, three sub-themes are used to frame the contributions presented in this volume of the journal: the imprint of patterns and forms of Latino cultural landscapes; the implications of design in the public realm; and the cultural implications of placemaking as a product of Latino Urbanism as contrasted with New Urbanism and a newer view, Ethnurbanism.

This issue presents research and reflection on the benefits, challenges and opportunities of Latino Urbanism. Suggested strategies for enabling systems that reflect the linkages between immigration and the physical environment in this first ‘urban century’ offer both new directions and cautions garnered from previous policies and actions. Past patterns of planning and design have not been responsive to the needs and concerns of the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority group, and these should be challenged. Clearly, we now have an opportunity to undertake planning and design differently.

For more information visit the Journal of Urbanism website.

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