KSA Launches Updated School Website


The academic calendar isn’t the only thing that’s changed for the new school year. Earlier this summer, the KSA launched an updated website, redesigned to provide expanded and better-organized content for students, faculty, staff, and anyone wanting to learn more about the Knowlton School of Architecture and its programs.

The redesign builds upon the look and feel of the previous site, so certain features – such as fly-out menus and the news and events pages – should feel familiar on the new site. Organizationally, however, much has changed:


  • The new Students landing page features quick links to School and University resources (elective courses, financial aid, Buckeye Link, degree audits, policies, etc.). The Students section also houses pages on career services, travel programs, student life, and student support services pages for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • We’ve added an entirely new Alumni and Friends section;
  • The Programs and Admissions pages have been streamlined and rebuilt to a structure which clusters admissions, financial aid, curriculum and student content by section and degree program;
  • The About the KSA pages contain upgraded content about Knowlton Hall, as well as entirely new pages dedicated to the Banvard Gallery, technology, library resources, School publications, and our annual visiting professorships;
  • Finally, a comprehensive Resources page provides numerous links to sites, policies and tools of particular interest to the KSA Community (Carmen, classroom services, room reservations, problem reports, library resources, etc.).


Visit knowlton.osu.edu to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the KSA, or for detailed information on course offerings, policies, travel programs, University and School resources, news and events. And follow us throughout the year as we add new content, and further expand our use of images and video on the site. In addition, the School's facebook page continues to be constantly updated with photos, news, events and timely KSA-related content.