CRP Undergrads Developing Study for Enon, OH


Students in Lecturer Kimberley Burton's City and Regional Planning undergraduate studio, hosted members of Enon, Ohio's Strategic Plan Chapter Two Committee on Thursday, August 30 to discuss the semester-long study that these CRP students are developing for the village. The study that emerges from the Autumn 2012 class will become a part of the Committee's update of Enon's original 1996 plan.The goal of the study, which will supplement the "Community Living" section of the 1996 plan, is to assess what living in Enon is like today, and to make proposals regarding how the village might attract a younger demographic over the next 10-15 years.

The visiting Committee members from Enon were Councilman Jerry Crane, residents Lee Earnest and Marge Travis, and village/university liaison John A. Kusniere.  The 19 CRP students developing the study in Burton's class will work with village officials throughout the semester, and will be involved in public meetings and community surveys in Enon.

For more information, see a recent Springfield News-Sun article about the Enon village project.