Diles and Roth Announced as 2012 LeFevre Fellow and Trott Professor


The Knowlton School is excited to announce Justin Diles and Curtis Roth as visiting faculty for the 2012-13 academic year.  Diles will be the Howard E. LeFevre ’29 Emerging Practitioner Fellow, while Roth is the recipient of the Richard W. Trott ’61 Distinguished Visiting Professorship. These two visiting programs have prestigious histories that go back more than a decade. Former winners include: LeFevre Fellows Andrew Kudless and Karl Chu, and Trott Professors Robert Somol and K. Michael Hays.

The LeFevre Fellowship is awarded annually to an architect who is just beginning to make their mark on the profession. It affords the practitioner a platform to develop their research, culminating in spring semester with a monograph or exhibition in the Knowlton School’s Banvard Gallery. Trott Distinguished Visiting Professors are internationally acclaimed architects, landscape architects, or planners. While serving in this role, which lasts one or more academic semesters, the Trott Distinguished Visiting Professor teaches design studios, conducts seminars and/or lecture courses, interacts with faculty and students, and makes at least one public presentation.  Diles and Roth will present public lectures during the spring semester as part of the Knowlton School’s Baumer Lecture Series.

Justin Diles’ LeFevre Fellowship research centers on the architectural implications of complex structural behavior, particularly failure through vibration and buckling. Prior to his fellowship at the Knowlton School, he taught design studios for four years at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the master class studio of Greg Lynn.

Diles has led numerous workshops on contemporary design techniques, most recently at the 2011 Smart Geometry Workshop at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, and he is a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches in the post-professional program. Diles received his Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and his Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006, where he was awarded the Faculty Prize for distinguished work. 

Curtis Roth is a recent graduate of the Master of Architecture program at the M.I.T., where his academic concentration was focused within the History Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture Department, particularly focusing on post-war theories of architecture and, specifically, the histories and theories of nature in the 19th and 20th centuries and their role in restructuring architectural thought.  While at the Knowlton School, Roth will teach a landscape design studio focusing on landscape as a comedic mode of engagement with the city, and an architectural seminar looking at how the fundamental conventions of architectural design have been reconfigured through now-lost notions of the natural.

In addition to his studies in design and criticism, Roth has also worked as a researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, collaborating closely with faculty in the Department of Landscape Architecture on a collection of long-term, internationally published research projects; from the role of agronomy in the rise and fall of civilizations, to the history of military-industrial infrastructures and their role in shaping the American landscape. In addition to his work as a design researcher, Roth has also worked as a project leader with Howeler + Yoon Architecture, where he developed their entry for the 2012 Audi Urban Futures Initiative, a speculative design project which focused on the role of mobility in America’s northeast megacity region.

For more information about Knowlton School programs such the LeFevre Fellowship and Trott Professorship, including a listing of previous faculty, see the School’s Visiting Positions page.

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